Nahwitti Lake

Nahwitti Lake

A few weeks ago (Sept 11, 2017) I was fortunate enough to spend an afternoon exploring Nahwitti Lake. On that day we had this lovely secluded gem of a lake, surrounded by dense coniferous forest, all to ourselves. Paddling out from the the Nahwitti Lake Recreation Site, we paddled East following the north shore and looking for potential off road camping spots. Unfortunately, there were none to be found. The water that day was quite high on account of recent rains. In dryer weather there might however be places to camp. Unfortunately sunset caught us out on the lake and we were unable to explore the Nahwitti River which empties out of the Western end of the lake and flows down to the ocean at Cape Scott. The Nahwittie River is, I’m hoping, a trip for another day.





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  1. I was loving this beautiful unoccupied lake
    When I was traveling to and from Cape Scott. I so wished I had my kyack!! Thanks for the name and info!

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